Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Lost my password, and then forgot my e-mail address. Then posted a reply without logging on and finally my computer crashed ‘cos I tried to access Kerren’s profile Poor old Obald, my sympathies go out to him. Obviously uneducated and spent far too much time out there in mid-Pacific in the sun We do want to catch the thing on the rod, and not the handline, surely???!!! On lures under 10″ I will regularly go to a single hook as well. If a lure is rigged correctly with either a 0 or degree hookset it should not matter whether it is keeled or not.

Casting Jigs for Wahoo

Having difficulties finding the perfect combo to outfit your new boat or to update your old gear before your next offshore tuna trip? TackleDirect has taken all of the guess work out of matching the industry’s best lever drag trolling reels along with the brand new series of Platinum Hook rods by TackleDirect. These combos are ideal when pulling Joe Shute style skirts in front of a select ballyhoo and spreader bars out of your riggers or as a shotgun for canyon yellowfin tuna and bigeye.

This rod is paired with the industry’s leading 50 class reels used by many of the best charter and tournament boats around the world.

When it comes to hooking a white marlin, every second counts. So pulling a simple spread is the key to improving your hook-up ratio. When fishing for white marlin, Grant keeps his spread limited to four small ballyhoo and three big baits. The crew runs small ballyhoo on circle hooks on .

A few white releases filled the gaps until 9: Captain Allan Bean and the crew of the Paradise One electrified the fleet with a solid hook-up and 83 minutes later, they boated the first blue for the Bermuda Billfish Blast tournament. That impressive marlin weighed in at pounds and was one of only two boated fish in the World Cup and Billfish Blast. Queen of Hearts has a history of catching the big ones – including a previous World Cup winner in This is the seventh win for Bermuda in the World Cup.

Total winnings for Rum Bum: In the closest standings race in the history of the Billfish Blast it truly came down to the wire on the final day of fishing to determine who was to take the title. Paradise One hooked into a blue marlin that was released at 3: Six minutes and 44 points separated the winners and second place! Elaine Jones points on Mama Who with Capt.


The normal fat of an orange marlin can beany where from in order to 5 pounds. Their bodies can easily attain the duration of ten toesplus they are primarily based in the pacific cycles , american indian , and also ocean oceanic masses. Just like any some other fish , theimportance of mastering the particular routines with the orange marlin is vital before attempting to besubmissive to your hook.

When marlin have been in their simple environment they will feed on several things which includemullet, cero, entire hype , dolphin, flying fish , bonito, skipjacks, squid and also how to speak spanishmackerel. The real reason for knowing the marlins eating habits is to determine what tempt willprobably be useful to catch these large fish.

Aug 25,  · PS: if anyone is at all interested I use 11/0 fronts and 10/ rears for all my blue marlin lures. Catch/hook-up ratio is fine by me. Just depends where and when during the procedure you’re aiming to hook ’em.

George Beckwith at Everyone slept in at Los Suenos. At noon, I picked up Jeff and his dad Ken. Berto, Marcos and James were already loaded on the boat and scratching their head as to where I was going to put all the food and gear I was unloading out of the van. The plan was to make it to the Furuo in time for some deep dropping groupers and live baiting for giant cubera snapper, maybe even a shot at a black marlin and for sure plenty of sails along the way, but it seemed that the fish had taken the whole day off.

Only one sail bite on the way to the reef and a clean bottom machine upon our arrival indicated that for whatever reason, there was not a lot of life on the Furuno. These sea mounts have always produced fish, and lots of them. Read about the report to a similar underwater mountain that the Dragin Fly made last year: The result is a concentration of bait, primarily bonito and baby yellowfin tuna, and a concentration of the predators that feed on them.

In essence, over the past year, this area has proven to be the absolute best blue marlin fishing on the planet. After chugging from the Furuno with lures that got no bites below a rising half moon, we arrived about 1 am, still several hours before light, so the boys set out the sea anchor and I set out some bonito on glow sticks in search of a lost sword.

Nether the glow sticks or the sea anchor performed as advertised and as light approached we were about 6 miles from the spot.

Blue Marlin Trolling Gear

We planned to fish with Capt. Chris Starrs through his Blue Bayou operation. To provide a quick little background on Chris:

Blue Marlin Fishing Marlins are recognized while large game saltwater fish. The normal fat of an orange marlin can be any where from in order to 5 pounds. Their bodies.

I am one of those oddballs that likes the ritual of pipe smoking more involvement with preparation than many people like such as rubbing out a flake tobacco. The males wrap themselves around the female and fertilize the eggs. At Sea Dog Charters, we offer customized Marathon fishing charters with more than 65 years in business.

This tobacco was delicious in its own dark way when Rattrays was producing this, but the new German concoction leaves much to be desired. One of the friendliest Virginia flakes, I have encountered. We supply everything you need for a successful fishing charter, including the following: Kentucky and perique, too. The California lizardfish spend most of their time sitting on the bottom with the body at a slight angle, propped up in the front end by the ventral fins.

I very much enjoyed the first installment of the Hydramatic story. Honestly, very very very few. It is it seems, a Cavendish, Perique, Virginia Flake, and beautifully done.

How to Fish Circle Hooks For Marlin and Other Gamefish

First day out we fished the up west side of the pocket, NM from the break wall and were lucky enough to get into a few fish there. In the morning we had good fishing though the afternoon session dropped a little, still good enough to brush the dust off for the guys with 16 sails raised and 10 releases from 14 bites, some good averages. Around lunch we had a bit of a cover-up with a nice blue marlin crashing the short right teaser, then moving to the left though not touching the mackerel Chief had pitched, at the same time we had a double of sailfish up in the spread releasing one out of the pair.

Soon after Beau did the job getting lunch on board for the day Beau with soon to be mahi tacos

The assist hooks are free swinging, resulting in optimum hook-up ratio. While these jigs are primarily for bottom fishing, anglers have caught Tuna, Mahi, and Stripers on them as well. Durable epoxy paint keeps your C&H Alien Jigs looking fresh for many trips.

New methods that can greatly improve your hookup ratio By Peter Pakula posted May 26th, at 8: There are lots of lure trollers who average more than 85 percent; some are even close to percent, as they hook just about every fish that strikes. They pay more attention to the hooks and the way they rig the lure so they can greatly improve their hookup ratios. The correct hookset, swivel rig and keel weighting produce a well-balanced lure that performs well in nearly any sea condition.

Think of it this way: The fastest jet in the world, the X , reaches speeds of only 4, mph. Trolling lures with some control seems to be a daunting task when you factor in a bit of turbulence, wind chop and swell.

Cabo Bite Report

Got a burning desire to catch a big blue marlin? After all, they might have to run anywhere from 25 to miles to find the desired cobalt-blue water. Area tournaments typically allow boats to leave the dock at midnight so lines can be in the water by dawn. But this hard-core perseverance pays off.

That also held true for the other billfish species, but the areas listed above had a slightly higher hook-up ratio than other areas. We had one client this week that went solo and released three Striped Marlin during a trip, as well as keeping a 50 pound Wahoo and a few Tuna.

Fantasy Other blade shapes not shown by example are curved, razor, wharncliffe, square, kris, dirk, jambiya, stiletto, spey, smatchet, hawksbill, katar, and chakmak. There are a tremendous amount of variations in knife blades, and some of the blade styles incorporate the geometry of several different defined shapes. As the knife blade evolves, some new styles will undoubtedly be named, and the clear definitions of blade styles and shapes may be blurred or even discarded.

For example, it would be ridiculous to describe a knife as a modified spear point with trailing point and tanto attributes with a recurve body and hollow ground swage Ultimately, a photograph or illustration is necessary. To learn much more about knife terms, anatomy, and knife related parts, please take a look at the best Knife Anatomy Page on the internet right here on this web site! Knife Use Classifications Knife blade shapes can also be classified by their use.

Jay Fisher – World Class Knifemaker

Sailfish Because of its abundance of billfish, and sailfish in particular, fishing in Guatemala has become the destination of choice for fly-fishing for sailfish for both novices and experienced. The ratio of hook-up to raises when fly-fishing for sailfish is significantly lower than when fishing for them and other billfish on conventional tackle — and so more raises is a particularly attractive feature to those who want to try to catch their first sailfish on the fly. Guatemala is blessed with calm waters in the fishing season, and strong currents from Mexico bring with them an abundance of sailfish that feed on them aggressively.

When fly-fishing for sailfish in Guatemala, the novice fly-fisherman can expect some short instruction dockside before the boats leaves the dock — explaining the procedure in some detail of how to time the cast and importantly the signals and direction he can expect to hear from the Captain on the bridge.

Great hook up ratio and a good number of bites, but not enough to be on top, although we are within striking distance of the leaders who have 40 and 41 sailfish for the day. We had 29 on the Dragin Fly.

In addition to this, mackerel, sharks and other pelagic species frequent these sheltered waters rounding up and busting into bait balls being a regular occurrence during the summer months Visit his site http: Because of their large size and strength, catching marlin demands the use of quality tackle kept in good repair. Trolling with lures and trolling with baits – either live or dead – and fishing at anchor or from a drifting boat with baits, live or dead, accounts for over 90 per cent of the marlin taken in our waters.

The best lures are Konahead-style skirted heads that run freely on the leader or trace. A lure of this pattern with a flat or slightly angled head, called a “pusher”, trolled a between 7 and 12 knots behind a moving boat, is a proven method of attracting marlin. Suitable live and dead baits range from 15 centimetre yellowtail scad or mullet, through 3 kg striped tuna and 5 kg mackerel tuna to whole 15 kg Spanish mackerel!

Fishing Tip: Increasing Hookup Ratio on a Frog

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