Introducing: Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck

Introducing: Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck

All rights reserved Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: You may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal use only. You may not distribute or commercially use the content on any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. The Chronology of the Old Testament Prophets The sixteen prophets—Isaiah to Malachi—whose writings have come down to us lived during four centuries, from about to B. Most of them left chronological data by which the duration of their ministry can be determined, at least approximately. For two of them Joel and Obadiah , however, no conclusive evidence as to the time of their work exists, and scholars differ widely in their views concerning this matter. The accompanying chart enables the reader to study these prophets in their historical setting. Many messages and prophecies can be understood correctly only if seen against the background of the time in which the prophets ministered and in the light of the events that happened during their lives. Inasmuch as it is possible to date the kings of Judah and Israel, especially the later ones, with comparatively high accuracy, the various reigns during which these sixteen prophets ministered have been entered in this chart according to the tentative chronology used in this commentary.

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When God first gave the Bible to his people, he used their languages. They could understand what they read. God wants us to understand the Bible today too. So we have worked hard to make the New International Reader’s Version easy to read and understand. The NIV is easy to understand and very clear.

final victory [15a, ] is a later composition, dating c. B.C. It anticipates the defeat of not only the Edomites, but also the Gentile enemies of Israel, and looks forward to the restoration of the Lord’s Kingdom throughout the Promised Land. No selections from the Book of Obadiah are used at Mass.

We must then make our best guess based off of the prophesy of Edom being destroyed and the event of Judah being pillaged. Anything beyond these two dates is a guess. There are some people who hold to it being a certain date but it is a guess. This leaves about years to put the book into. Due to the nature of the prophesies in Obadiah, they must be connected so to speak to an event when Judah was pillaged leaving the year period with two major options for dating the book Either in making Obadiah a contemporary of Elijah This is the option that would make it the same Obadiah.

Or in Making Obadiah a contemporary of Jeremiah This option would make it different Obadiahs The scholars tend to say it was the later of the two options, making it different Obadiahs. However for many reasons too many to list here now I personally hold to it being the first option so I personally hold to it being the same man. Yes, there is some scholars that do hold to this as well although not as many. So you really have to weigh the options and you can choose what you think on this one.

If I was to give you an answer I would say that they are the same man. I do plan on getting a detailed explanation of this topic on my own website soon if your interested. I have not done so yet, unfortunately.

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It is directed against the Edomites. The Edomites were descendants of Esau. Until the 5th cent.

Textual message from Obadiah. Doubts about the dating of Obadiah and of its exact author have little bearing on the message of the book: The Edomites had played falsely with the Israelite nation, failing to help them in time of invasion. They had consorted with Israel’s enemies in the time of invasion.

The Sermons of Amos 3: The Doom of Israel 3: The Depravity of Israel 4: A Dirge over Israel 5: The ruin of Israel in coming judgment 5: The rebuke of religious people 5: The reprimand of the entire nation 6: The Five Visions of Amos 7: A Vision of Devouring Locusts 7: A Vision of Fire 7: A Vision of a Plumb Line 7:

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About the Author Introducing: Comics historian Jean-Paul Gabilliet identifies Coulton Waugh and his The Comics , which was the first book exclusively dedicated to the history of comic strips, as the starting point for this dating Of Comics and Men , There is another school of thought that makes speech balloons and recurring characters requirements in their definitions of comics, but these are often self-contradictory and by necessity exclude much that would be formally deemed comics.

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Obadiah verse 1 identifies the author of the Book of Obadiah as the Prophet Obadiah. The Book of Obadiah was likely written between and B. Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament, is only 21 verses long. Obadiah is a prophet of God who uses this opportunity to condemn Edom for sins against both God and Israel. The Edomites are descendants of Esau and the Israelites are descendants of his twin brother, Jacob.

A quarrel between the brothers has affected their descendants for over 1, years. This division caused the Edomites to forbid Israel to cross their land during the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt. Edom’s sins of pride now require a strong word of judgment from the Lord.

Bible Chronology Timeline

We know nothing about him other than his name. The Date It is very difficult to know when Obadiah was written because there is nothing in the heading or introduction of the book to pinpoint the date. Therefore, we must look in the text of the book for historical clues that point to the date. The two dates suggested are B. The vividness of the events described in verses fit most naturally into the destruction of Jerusalem in B.

The argument assumes what it is trying to prove.

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Untitled[ edit ] Hello all. I have just updated the Obadiah page from what previously was. I have conserved much of the original information presented and have also added extensively to it. I will be watching this page and I welcome your comments. Nathan Hill Theology[ edit ] Hi, Nathan! One thing that really jumped out at me, however, was your claim that “It is the Christian perspective that the spirit will ultimately prevail when the flesh becomes obsolete.

It is my understanding that God desires to redeem the whole person and that is why Christians speak of bodily resurrection and the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. I would consider revising this statement. I also broke out the Contents section to be less convoluted than its original analysis. I felt that there were too many quotes and borderline coercions of personal perspectives.

I applied scripture links for quick viewing. Historical Context[ edit ] The topic in this section is better suited to be under Scholarly Issues due to the debate about dating the composition of Obadiah. All debates are issues.


Content[ edit ] The book of Obadiah is based on a prophetic vision concerning the fall of Edom , [v. The eastern half is possessed by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. In the days of Obadiah, the Edomites lived along the cliffs and mountaintops of the arid land south of the Dead Sea, all the way to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. There was very little in the way of arable land, so the Edomites made their living supporting and controlling the main caravan route between Egypt and Babylon that passed through their whole land.

Throughout most of the history of Judah, Edom was controlled absolutely from Jerusalem as a vassal state.

Most likely, Obadiah’s prophecies come in connection with either the second or last of these, that as a result of either the Philistine invasion or the Babylonian invasion. If written in connection to the Philistine invasion, Obadiah is the earliest of the writing prophets.

Survey of the Bible – Obadiah Text: Obadiah is a small book that is easily overlooked A. It is the shortest book in the Bible. Its focus is on a foreign nation, Edom, though Israel, particularly Jerusalem is mentioned. There is no mention of kings to date the book. The most we have is a description of a raid on Jerusalem – Obadiah a. Mention that it is a foreign nation strangers – Obadiah 11 b.

Obadiah 1:3

To encourage Judahites facing trouble from Edom to hope in divine justice and for eventual victory over all enemies. God cares for his people when they suffer. God warns but will eventually judge those who persecute his people. God will give victory to his people.

Mar 20,  · Introducing: Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck. I have returned over the last few posts to Rodolphe Töpffer, Comics, which was the first book exclusively dedicated to the history of comic strips, as the starting point for this dating (Of Comics and Men, ). Bart Beaty.

God rejoices over saving sinners, not over punishing them. Title — Author The Hebrew title means “servant of the Lord. There are no historical records of Obadiah apart from this single book. The book itself does not tell us anything about the prophet. There is a great deal of differences in opinion on the dating of this letter. The possible dates range from around B. If written in connection to the Philistine invasion, Obadiah is the earliest of the writing prophets.

5 Hidden Prophets of the Bible

Was it that there were no descendants of the Gadites to maintain control of it? No, they had not gained it by default but by stealing it from the Israelites. C, and the Ammonites had moved into their territory then.

Obadiah, which translated means fiServant of Jehovah,fl was a Bible character we do not know much about. There are other fiObadiah™sfl in the Scripture, but of this prophet we have very little information.

Great disagreement exists about the time of the writing of the book of Obadiah, with at least four distinct possibilities surfacing: Of the above four possibilities for the dating of Obadiah, numbers 2 and 4 seem most plausible. The author of Obadiah: Thirteen Obadiahs are mentioned in the Old Testament. If the author of this book is any one of those, the four best possibilities are 1 the officer in Ahab’s palace who hid God’s prophets in a cave I Kings Obadiah, like only the book of Nahum, offers no hope for the Edomites whose destruction was foretold, and offered no repentance from God.

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A private, prenatal conflict. A silent struggle among yet to be born siblings. The confined combatants were twin brothers, the sons of Isaac and Rebekah. This woman was quite perplexed as to why “the children struggled together within her” Gen. God replied, “Two nations are in your womb; and two peoples shall be separated from your body” vs. These nations would later become very bitter enemies, as we shall soon see, but their warfare predated the actual birth of their respective progenitors.

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This prophecy has the distinction of being the shortest book in the OT. There are twelve different individuals in the OT with this name a very common name , but no indication that any of these other individuals are to be identified with this particular prophet. Nothing is known about his life, background or personality except what little can be inferred from this prophecy. It is assumed that he was a native of Judah.

Others feel he may also have been among the circle of prophets attached to the Jerusalem Temple. His work is ascribed to periods ranging from to BC.

What Is the Central Theme of the Book of Obadiah?

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