Plumbing for a Toilet

Plumbing for a Toilet

Alternatives to Flush Toilets and Septic Systems by Larry Losoncy, PhD Information is available on the Internet for anyone researching alternatives to flush toilets, septic systems and hookup. Most of these products and technologies have been designed to address one or both of the two central problems presented by flushing away human waste. Traditional Flush Sanitation A single flush can use up to eight gallons of water, with a household of four people using more than two hundred gallons a day just to flush the toilet. Categories of products and systems addressing this problem include advanced treatment systems, microbiotic treatment systems, portable potties, holding tanks, lagoon systems, evapotranspiration systems, chemical toilets, digestor tanks, composting toilets, incinerating toilets and evaporative toilets. With more treatment the waste is turned into a safer discharge, doing on site what waste treatment plants do for sewage. The tanks are then pumped and trucked away for disposal or drained into septic systems or sewers. They are pumped periodically and are typically used for large public facilities such as rest stops and public parks. Solids settle to the bottom of the pond and the liquids evaporate. These are widely used by small towns, campgrounds, resort areas, recreation areas and clusters of homes. Depending on the methodology, these alternative systems either reduce or eliminate the amount of waste needing to be pumped.

Install a bathroom anywhere without any major construction

A toilet runs intermittently because the valve opens slightly for a few minutes. First, look for leaks. A leak in the tank can make a toilet run constantly or intermittently.

The powerful macerating system pumps waste to existing sewer lines in the building or home. Install a complete toilet system with minimal structural modification up to 25′ below and up to ‘ away from the existing sewage line.

A few things here, First make sure the vent on the roof is clear, the black tank will be vented to the roof, sometimes small animals like to make nests under the cap. Make sure no leaves pine needles are under that. The tank needs to breath and vent or the tank may not drain or drain slowly. Next it gets a bit messy, since you can see the toilet paper at the top I would get an old garden hose and stick it down the toilet try to work it up and down and then briefly have someone turn the water on, sometimes the piping from the tank from the toilet can get clogged.

IF you have room you can also dump a few bags of ice down the toilet, hook up and drive, the bumpier the better, sometimes the ice will scrub the tanks. As far as products Happy Camper makes a product they may work Click HERE to view that Hope this helps some, IF you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me I don’t have access to a hose:

Toilet hook up problem

Potty Humor Toilet a-Store About Us Plumbing for a Toilet Putting in the plumbing for a toilet is actually more work than putting in the fixture itself. There are freshwater pipes that will be under pressure to be connected. There are drainpipes that must also be vented and properly sloped. There are valves and couplings to be concerned about, as well. Most of the time, the average person replacing a toilet will not need to concern him or herself with this.

A toilet has two main parts—the tank and the bowl. The bowl holds water and connects to the drain for disposing of waste water and waste. The tank, which sits up behind the bowl, contains reserve water for refilling the bowl plus the devices for flushing clean water into the bowl and refilling the tank.

There are three types of tanks that can be installed as a holding tank for an RV. The first type of tank allows you to hold fresh water to drink, shower, do the dishes, or flush your toilet. No matter what type of tank you want to install, you can complete your RV project with the guide below. They can be made from plastic, polyethylene, and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, or ABS. Decide which material best suites your budget and application. Keep in mind where the plumbing fixtures are located on your RV.

You will want to be specific in your drawings, making sure you mark where the toilet, sinks, and shower fixtures are located. Step 3 — Draw in the Holding Tanks Next, outline where the holding tanks are to be installed.

Installing a new toilet on old fashioned plumbing

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Campervan Toilet Options Home» Conversion Guides» Campervan Appliances» Campervan Toilet Options Most campsites have toilet facilities these days but there are a number of sites in National Parks and conservation areas that do not.

Toilet Paper Roll Cover and Kitschy Doily Knit version So what do you do if you want to have a spare roll of toilet paper easily available, and want to protect it from dust, but that’s all? Toilet Paper Roll Cover Dimensions: To fit your roll of toilet paper. The sample measures 5″ in diameter by 4. To weave in ends Stitch markers: Unbroken ring markers are good for knitting, but not for crochet. This is couture toilet roll fashion. Custom made to fit that particular roll.

If your toilet paper comes in large rolls, you may need more yarn. The basic idea of making a circle is that you increase the number of stitches in each round by the number of stitches that you had in the first round. So if you have 8 sc in the first round, the second round will have 16, and the third round will have 24, and the fourth round will have 32 and so on.

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It’s one of the most important tiny house decisions you’ll make. But when you live in a tiny house, your toilet becomes a big deal. And partaking in toilet talk will just be part of that journey. So what are the options?

Caroma International Pty Ltd. ABN 90 35 PLUMBERS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLATION IMPORTANT: 1 Wax rings must not be used when installing this toilet bowl, as.

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The Best Line Tubing to Use to Hook Water up to a Refrigerator

Be Your Own Plumber Forget expensive plumbing bills. Modern materials and fixtures have made DIY plumbing a snap. DIY plumbing projects will familiarize you with all three. Photo by Scott Hollis Standardized connectors and flexible water supply hoses make new sink faucets easily to install.

Oct 30,  · I was at the big box store and saw a toilet to pex supply line that has built in stop valve and also a faucet to pex supply lin that also has a built in stop valve, do I just drill a hole through the.

Remembering my personal experiences with compression fittings, though, I’d trust a “flexible armoured hose” over a compression fitting “flex tubing” install, any day. There are so many ways to totally screw up a compression fitting install that might show up immediately, or might take days or weeks. Don’t get me wrong. I am not recommending against using a braided line.

My original question was as to why the OP wanted to change it because in my experience a braided is not necessarily safer. I maintain a number of homes and have many braided lines installed. I also know of four failures two of my own. The other two caused very serious flooding in a friend’s almost new property. For the do it yourselfer, the braided lines are the way to go. Personally I am rethinking where I am using them. I have no problem using copper or chromed brass with compression fittings.

I have never had one totally fail. Maybe a minor leak, but not total failure.


Threw away the plunger! I installed one in my Arizona home last winter. He and his wife installed two Flushmates in their home as recommended by me. When we decided to exchange toilets, our plumber recommended Flushmate. We have been totally satisfied with the performance and economy of the system.

Clogged toilet? No problem. With a little practice and a plunger or a toilet snake, even a home repair rookie can get most clogged toilets back up and running in minutes, without flooding the bathroom and making the situation worse.

Check that the hole in the floor is large enough to accommodate the closet flange up to its collar. If the hole needs to be enlarged, trace around the flange’s base with a pencil, then cut away the excess flooring with a jigsaw. Don’t cut any joists. Dry-fit the soil pipe into the closet bend. Place the flange over the soil pipe, then measure the gap between the bottom of the flange’s collar and the finish floor.

Remove the soil pipe and use a handsaw to trim it to the measurement in the previous step.

Tommy’s Trade Secrets – How to Install a Toilet Pan & Cistern

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